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At Tamar Counseling, your safety and confidentiality are very important. I understand how undergoing a traumatic experience can shake your confidence in the world, in others, and in your sense of security. Some people who come to me for therapy may have real needs to protect their privacy for the sake of safety. With this in mind, and in accordance with State and Federal law, I take the following measures to protect your privacy.

The very fact that you are in therapy as well as all of your communications with me are confidential and will be kept private. There are certain exceptions to this mandated and allowed by law, such as if the need arises to report child, elder, or dependent adult abuse, to maintain your personal safety, or if needed to follow up on unpaid therapy balances. Whenever possible I will discuss any disclosures with you beforehand. Your files created in therapy are stored under lock and key. We can discuss personally how you would like to handle outside-of-session communications, such as what information is okay to be left on your voicemail or email. I will endeavor always to treat you with the highest sensitivity and respect and to support your dignity and integrity.

You are safe here.