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What issues do you address?

  • Abuse Trauma
    • sexual abuse (rape, molestation, incest, chronic abuse)
    • physical abuse
    • emotional / verbal abuse

  • Spiritual Trauma
    • Healing from wounds inflicted by religious institutions or their members
    • Sorting through the damaging effects of negative theologies on views of self and the world
    • Recovering from religious coercion and control tactics

  • Attachment Trauma
    • adoption:
      • fostering healthy attachments
      • sorting through emotions relating to your past
    • painful early childhood memories / relationships
    • coping with the effects of forced separations

  • Present Relationship Trauma
    • premarital / marital counseling:
      • preparing for a healthy marriage including working through past traumas to limit interference in your future marriage
      • dealing with wounds within your marriage to improve or restore harmony
    • interpersonal conflict
    • parent / child conflict
    • positive discipline paradigm to help your "difficult" children thrive