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About the Name

Tamar Counseling Services derives its name from the combined experiences of three women named Tamar in the Old Testament / Torah.

The first Tamar was twice widowed, struggled with the pain of childlessness, was cheated by her husband, betrayed by her father-in-law, became pregnant through incest, and narrowly escaped execution (Gen 38).

The second was raped by her half-brother and shushed by another brother, suffering the secondary pain of singleness as she bore the shame and trauma in silence (2 Sam 13).

The third Tamar grew up as a princess with an absentee father as he was off waging war on her grandfather and attempting a coup of the kingdom (2 Sam 14).

The name Tamar has been synonymous with trauma throughout the Bible, but the New Testament shows the redemptive hope God holds despite everything as the first Tamar is named in the very line of Jesus (Matt 1:3). So perhaps Tamar really means hope and new life in the face of every form of trauma a woman can know. Jesus, the Wonderful Counselor, offers it. I can help you find it.

Don't bear your pain in silence as the second Tamar did. Call me at (909) 547-HURT today.